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ASX Vaults are auto-compounding staking pools. By depositing a single token, our vaults will create the underlying position, and compound the yield daily. Users can withdraw at any time.

Simply deposit BNB, WBNB, ETH or BTCB and gain exposure to the ASX ecosystem.

Recieve vASX tokens in return which can then be deposited or burned to then recieve back the initial token.

By consolidating transactions and reducing unnecessary contract interactions, ASX achieves approximately 70% savings on gas costs in comparison to similar products. However, due to the nature of the transactions, which include swaps and liquidity pair creations, there is a potential exposure to malicious MEV (Miner Extractable Value).

To mitigate this risk and enhance security, users are required to connect via one of the specified RPC URLs below. Please use the MetaMask logo to add the appropriate network to your wallet.